About Noa

Hi, I’m Noa,

I’m a creative writer with a particular interest in poetry and fiction.

As a child of the 1970’s, I’m either very old, very young, or somewhere in the middle. Only you can decide! For me, it means that I’ve been here long enough to have gained some wisdom, but nowhere near long enough to be considered wise.

I live in beautiful Wiltshire, England with my husband and family. We’re lucky to have rolling green hills and woodland nearby. The dog and I agree that it’s perfect walking country. My dream though, is to live on a remote mountainside with views over a lake. It may never happen, but it’s good to dream.

As well as working, I am making up for my misspent youth by studying with the Open University. I’m working towards a BA (Hons) in Arts and Humanities, specialising in Creative Writing. The experience is making me a better poet and writer, and is opening my mind to new ideas.

As you may suspect, ‘Noa Summerlock’ is my pen name. I use this because my birth-name is super popular. There’s nothing wrong with being popular but it means that the writing-seas are awash with name-sakes!

Thank you for joining me online. I hope you enjoy my blog.

Copyright 2019, Noa Summerlock.