Escape to The Hermitage ~ Fast Fiction ~ Noa Summerlock

Adhoc Fiction ~ Noa Summerlock

Louise Mangos’ brilliant piece of fast fiction, ‘The Ocular Precision of the Photography Teacher’, deservedly won Ad Hoc Fiction’s ‘Hermit’ competition. Congratulations to @louisemangos !

Here’s my entry:

Escape to The Hermitage

A haze of dust hung in the air as Hermione pushed through the wooden door. It was gloomy inside, but with a bit of work it could be snug. She put down her bags and made a start. Cleaning first, and then the sign: ‘The Hermitage’. Hermione liked the name. It fitted her new hermit life, away from the twins and their horrible habits. Why did they have to be so cruel? So spiteful?

By nightfall Hermione had made her sign, set up a stove and assembled a make-shift bed. The Hermitage was beginning to feel like home. She nestled into her sleeping bag and closed her eyes. Peace at last. 

She was woken by the sound of the twins’ sing-song chant, ‘I can smell the wi-itch. I can smell the wi-itch … look, Daddy. In there.’

The door creaked open.

‘Hello love. Why are you hiding in the shed?’

The end.

You can find out more about the competition, and read this week’s e-Book, here:

Copyright 2019, Noa Summerlock – all rights reserved.

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